PayPal is one of the most popular payment platforms out there. According to statistics, in 2018, there were 254 million active PayPal accounts. That's a huge number of people using the platform! One of the main reasons for PayPal's popularity is that you can get your money pretty much instantly! Handily enough, there are tons of apps and reward sites that pay through PayPal.
Below, we cover apps for both Android and iOS devices. Most of these are apps that pay instantly to PayPal. Others will send payments to your PayPal account within 24 hours or so after requesting a cashout.

CashPirate - Make & Earn Money

With CashPirate you can easily EARN FREE MONEY!

How to make free money now?
Download the App, sign in and MAKE FREE MONEY by:

* Downloading free apps
* Trying free games
* Inviting friends and get at least 10% of their earnings as bonus
* Completing surveys
* Free product trials
* Watching videos
and more...

It is really that simple to MAKE FREE MONEY!

We give you the most advanced referral system:
Earn even more money by inviting your friends.
Just send your invite code via Mail, Short Message or Facebook to your friends and receive:

* 10% of all your referrals' coins
* 5% of all coins of any of your referrals' referrals

This way you will make even more and faster money and you can set yourself higher goals with higher payouts, better gift cards, or more balance on your mobile.
Your coins can be cashed out through PayPal, different Gift Cards or mobile recharge.

How to make free money / earn free money by using CashPirate:
* Download the App and register with your email address
* Complete any offers you like. Watch out for tips of the day and special offers!
* Invite friends to make even more money
* When you made at least 2.500 coins, you can request a payout via Paypal, receive gift cards by mail or opt for mobile recharge!

Start right away and have fun making money!

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BigCash: Highest Paying Cash App

BigCash: Earn Paypal Cash is the Highest Paying Cash App that allows you to earn real paypal money or Free gift cards by downloading free apps, games or completing surveys.

Earn $15 Paypal Cash or Any Gift Card for just 2500 Coins.

Wide range of Free Gift Cards like google play gift card, amazon gift card, walmart gift card, playstation/psn gift card, steam gift card, itunes gift card, xbox gift card & much more!

How Do I Make Money Online ?
1. You earn coins by doing simple tasks like downloading apps, games or completing surveys or by inviting your friends.
2. Then trade the earned coins for any free gift cards or real cash through Free Paypal Cash.
Simple isn't it!

Currently following gift cards are available to you:
* $15, $35 Google Play Gift Card
* $15, $35 Paypal Cash transfer
* $15 Amazon Gift Card
* $15 iTunes Gift Card
* $15 PSN/ Playstation Gift Card
* $15 Steam Gift Card
* $15 Xbox Gift Card

So, What is keeping you from waiting!!!! Download Highest Paying App; BigCash & make money immediately. Enjoy Earning Quick & Easy Cash. Once you start using you will no longer need to worry about pocket money or beer money.!

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VeeU - Funny Videos Community

Main Features:

Watching Reward
Get reward when you watch videos, your every minute counts!

Invite Friends
When your friends get coins, you could get the same, even when you are SLEEPING! Share VeeU with your friends and enjoy with them together.

Upload Videos
Whether it's a must-see moment of comedy, an unbelievable skill, or just something that's flat out bizarre, there's so much you can share!

Add tags
Classify your videos to help reach a broader audience and help users find your video posts more easily.

Like, Comment & Share
Engage with the VeeU community by liking, commenting, and sharing funny or interesting moments.

Video Community
There are different video categories including movies, music, sports, etc. Find people with the same interests and make friends in VeeU's diverse video community.

Full Screen Effect
Swipe up and down to explore more videos, enhance your experience with just one gesture.

Various Incentive Privilege
For qualified video creators, VeeU will promote your contents and share benefits. Our message is to empower high-quality video creators to achieve more with us.

Featured Comment
When your comment is selected by our editor as featured, you can get coins!

Have fun and enjoy videos on VeeU!

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Bermi: Watch Videos and Earn Money


Bermi is a video community that pays you to use it!

Upload your own videos and build an audience, or simply watch videos from other people and follow and LIKE your favorites. You'll earn money as you go.

To earn money just watch and upload videos, share them with friends, and log in to the app each day.

New members receive a free signup bonus.

Scratch Off Game: For every 100 tokens you earn, you get a Scratch-Off Ticket where you can earn up to $100. Hit the low minimum threshold and withdraw your earnings.

Bermi is the fastest growing video app in the world. Download today to get in on the ground floor with us.

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MOBROG Survey App

Companies and academic researchers want to hear your opinion so that they can develop new products and improve their existing products and services.
Using this app, you can take part in interesting surveys and earn money with your participation. No matter what time it is or where you are.

MOBROG surveys are very easy:

1. Download this free app from the app store
2. Enter details about yourself and your interests in your profile in the app
3. Take part in surveys using the app and get paid for your opinion

DOWNLOAD NOW! and Get paid between $0.50 and $3 per survey.

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